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Kanye West: The Donda album was released without his consent but is already a record

Kanye West: The Donda album was released without his consent but is already a record

Donda, the tenth album of the American rapper Kanye West came out on August 29, without her knowledge. Kanye West reported the Universal Music Group. After various vicissitudes and postponements, the album arrived on Sunday on all musical platforms. Shortly after, the rapper makes himself heard on Instagram by declaring to 8 million followers that the record company had released the album without his authorization and omitting the song “Jail 2in made with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. Universal did not comment but shortly thereafter the track appeared in 27 songs from the albumnamed after the rapper’s deceased mom.

Kanye West’s Donda is record-breaking

Published Sunday 29 August, Donda has already broken some records on the streaming front. This is proof of the rapper’s popularity, but of how much anticipated the album was. In the rankings of Apple Music Donda took first place in 152 countries within 24 hours, an absolute record. Still on Apple, it is the most listened to 2021 album on the day of its release and the third in the history of the platform. Do you understand that we are talking about a phenomenon?

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Also su Spotify is the most listened to album on the first day of release in 2021. Jailone of the tracks on the album with Jay-Z, entered number one on Spotify’s US chart with 4,277,000 streams, a record number for 2021. It currently has over 7 million. Also in first place in the rankings of the platform Amazon Music.

Kanye West is certainly a questionable character, with a fair amount of problems and bad opinions surrounding him. Beyond Kanye’s personality and history, Donda is clear proof of how much the rapper is appreciated as an artist. Or at least the curiosity he is arousing. There are those who love the album, those who find it overrated, those who listen to it halfway (since it lasts 1 hour and 48 minutes)… But everyone is talking about it. This is undeniable.

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If you haven’t heard yet, we invite you to do so. If you are not a subscriber to any of the music platforms on which Donda is available, we recommend you Amazon Music is free for the first 3 months, without obligation of renewal. Let us know what you think of Kanye West’s latest album.