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Kaira Pro and Kaira: the new Razer headphones for Playstation 5

Kaira Pro and Kaira: the new Razer headphones for Playstation 5

Razer ™, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, announces expansion of its console line with a series of new wireless headphones – Kaira Pro and Kaira – and controller charging stand for PlayStation®5. With black and white patterns and distinctive blue strokes, the new Kaira headphones are designed to match the contemporary and modern style of the PlayStation®5 and the DualSense ™ wireless controller, while the Razer Quick Charging Stand, with its color-coordinated range, makes the perfect match for any gamer’s PS5 ™ DualSense ™ wireless controller.

Kaira Pro and Kaira

The Razer Kaira Pro headphones create a truly immersive console experience, being the first Razer wireless headphones designed for PlayStation®5 to be powered by Razer ™ HyperSense, an intelligent haptic technology that delivers rich and realistic tactile sensory feedback based on audio inputs, allowing gamers to fully immerse their senses in the game. The Razer Kaira Pros are equipped with the proven Razer ™ 50mm titanium drivers TriForce for absolute sonic clarity, while being light enough to ensure maximum comfort for long gaming sessions.

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By enhancing in-game communications via the detachable Razer ™ HyperClear supercadioid microphone, the Razer Kaira Pro focuses on a rigorous model of speech recognition, eliminating unwanted background noise to achieve greater speech clarity. The wireless headphones also offer a built-in microphone for mobile use, providing users with options to connect to their devices via Bluetooth, as well as PS5 ™, PS4 ™, PCs and other devices that have a USB port. C or USB-A via the included Razer ™ HyperSpeed ​​Dongle 2.4 GHz USB-C (USB-A adapter included).

Some of the key features of the Kaira Pro include:
– Razer ™ HyperSense for greater tactile feedback and immersion;
– Razer ™ TriForce 50mm titanium driver for premium audio performance;
– Removable Razer ™ HyperClear supercardioid microphone for powerful and realistic audio;
– Razer ™ SmartSwitch to switch from 2.4 GHz to Bluetooth and vice versa;
– Razer ™ Chroma RGB support, customizable via the Razer ™ Chroma RGB Mobile App.

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Completing the line of headphones for PlayStation®5 comes the Razer Kaira, which ensure gamers unparalleled comfort on consoles and smartphones thanks to the smooth transition between 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth devices guaranteed by Razer ™ SmartSwitch.

Some of the main features of the Kaira include:
– Razer ™ TriForce 50mm driver for premium audio performance
– Razer ™ HyperClear cardioid microphone for enhanced vocal clarity
– Razer ™ SmartSwitch to switch from 2.4 GHz to Bluetooth and vice versa

The all-new Razer Kaira Pro and Razer Kaira wireless join the Razer Kaira X wired, announced in September.

Quick Charging Stand

Also announced today are Razer Quick Charging Stands, carefully designed in a color-coordinated range that perfectly match the galaxy-inspired PS5 ™ DualSense ™ wireless controllers. The Razer Quick Charging Stand quickly charges controllers to reach optimum power levels in less than 3 hours, ensuring PS5 ™ users minimal game downtime. It is available in white, black and red to ensure a totally homogeneous look.

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Razer Kaira Pro: € 219.99 – available on Razer.com and authorized resellers; pre-orders start
from 30 November 2021, with shipments in December 2021.
Razer Kaira: € 109.99 – available on Razer.com and authorized resellers
Razer Quick Charging Stand: 59.99 € available on Razer.com and authorized resellers