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Just Eat improves its search system in the latest update

Just Eat improves its search system in the latest update

Fresh news, yesterday Just Eat, the most popular food delivery application in Spain, received an update that it honestly needed a lot. If you live in big cities, you are more than likely familiar with the Just Eat app. Also, so that you don’t miss the article, we are going to leave several discount codes up to 25% so that you can make the most of its benefits. But let’s focus on the good, the Just Eat filter system has been renewed, now we can more easily find the restaurants we are looking foras if we did it from the computer.

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And it is that despite the fact that it is a mobile application, in the web version of it there were more restaurants and a more precise search system. This is how the development team tells us what’s new:

We have improved the filtering system by restaurants and now you can sort them by minimum order and delivery cost. You can also select multiple types of food in your search to quickly find the restaurant you fancy. In addition, we have added an address book so that you can automatically save several: Your home address, your work address, your cousin’s address, the new date’s address… Everything to make your life even easier, which is our main purpose.

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But we know that you actually entered for the discount codes:

The good thing about Just Eat is that in big cities like Madrid you can even order food from franchises, Taco Bell and Telepizza are some of the ones that are present. It also accepts cash as a payment system at home. The app is universally compatible with any device over iOS 8.0 (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and weighs just 59MB of meat.

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