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Jump Force: The Knights of the Zodiac join the fighters

Jump Force: The Knights of the Zodiac join the fighters

Bandai Namco has announced with a trailer the release of two new characters that will be added to the roster of Jump Force, the fighting game that unites the all-star of the manga of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The two characters come directly from the historic series The Zodiac Knights or Saint Seiya in Japan. Seiya from Pegasus And Shiryu of the Dragon will join the already rich Jump Force cast with their Cosmos-based attacks.

The Knights of the Zodiac were born from the pencils of the famous mangaka Masami Kurumada, who made the comic series in 1986 until 1990. From the manga came the anime that soon became an international success even in Italy.

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Besides the two characters also comes a new stage called Mayan City, where the Jump Force characters will compete in the center of some ancient ruins of Central American civilization.

Jump Force: the characters and the genesis of the title

Jump Force is a title created by Bandai Namco in collaboration with Weekly Shonen Jump magazine of Shueisha for the 50th anniversary of the latter. This historic magazine has formed kids from all over the world with its comics, thanks to internationally successful series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Saint Seiya, Hokuto no Ken, Slam Dunk and many others.

The shonen manga is by definition the manga for boys (shonen stands for boy in Japanese) and involves a whole series of genres ranging from fighting comics with supernatural powers to sports or zany series.

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Within the Jump Force roster we already find several characters from some great series, such as Goku, Vegeta and Freeza da Dragon Ball, Naruto and Sasuke from Naruto, Luffy and Zoro from one piece, Ichigo from Bleach, Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho, Gon and Killua da Hunter x Hunter, Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! and many others.

The title will be released at February 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, although for the moment we have no further details on the launch date. If you want to know more we leave you to our test at Gamescom.