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Jump Force: published the first images of Bakugo

Jump Force: published the first images of Bakugo

Bandai Namco released the first screenshots of the new downloadable content of Jump Force which will include the new character Bakugo.

The roster of fighting game characters is thus enriched with one of the characters from the shōnen manga My Hero Academia written and drawn by Kōhei Horikoshi. Katsuki Bakugo is a student of class 1-A of Yuei High School as well as one of the protagonists. Along with the images, unfortunately, an official release date has not yet been released. However, we do know that the new character, as well as those to come, will be included in the Character pass of the game of 29.99 €.

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If you have not already done so, we invite you to read our personal review on Jump Force from which we read: “The story behind JumpForce it develops in a series of well-divided chapters which, started simply by accepting the missions at the appropriate desk, will be characterized by some central missions, through which we will be able to recruit new characters for our team.

Within the various clashes we will in fact have the opportunity to face several of the most beloved protagonists of the various Jump universes, all possessed by the powers of the umbras cubes and become extremely aggressive, together with the various henchmen (the so-called “venom”). “

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The game is now available on consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox one come on PC via Steam. For more news on the game, upcoming characters and DLCs, please stay tuned to our channels.