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Journey to the East in Lucca, the diary of the second day

Journey to the East in Lucca, the diary of the second day

Second day of our expedition a Lucca Comics & Games 2021, fundamental Festival for the world of comics, games and much more. So let’s go back to telling you about our experience in the field, with the second appointment of our logbook, which takes you by the hand through the streets of the Tuscan city. After yesterday’s departure today the calendar has thickened even more with events. So let’s find out together how it went!

Lucca Comics & Games 2021, we are here!

The doors of the Tuscan city have therefore reopened for this second day, welcoming the many participants rushed for the event. In fact, we remind you that, despite the extension of available seats announced a few days ago, all four days of the event are completely sold-out. Thousands of people flocked to take part in this beloved Festival and thousands more will arrive in these hours.

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After all, the billboard is full of exciting events and guests. In fact, today he was present at the event Roberto Savianohere to present his new comic book I’m Still Alive, but also Caparezza who in Rock’n’Comics has unveiled the variant pop-up cover of his latest album Exuvia created by Simone Bianchi. And again, it is worth mentioning Nicolas Gentilepresent in the Cosplay Villa curated by Patreon, to talk about his fascinating project to bring the world of Tolkien to our country.

Our day began with a nice tour of the stands of the world of comics to browse the new releases and meet our favorite authors. Then the team (finally complete, with the arrival of Gabriel) split to run to follow all the most exciting events. We jumped from one interesting encounter to the next, discovering new podcasts of Audible and the aforementioned book by Roberto Saviano, among others.

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The Masterclass dedicated to Encanto, the new Disney Classic coming out in a few weeks. To tell this project, the Italian artists Giovanni Rigano And Massimo Rocca who guided the public among the curiosities related to this much anticipated project.

Discovering the Orient

For those who write to you, the day took place above all in an extremely characteristic space of the Festival, that is the one dedicated to Japan and to the East. Located outside the walls for this edition, it is a place with a magic of its own. After waiting for the shuttle that took us to Polo Fairs where it is located, we immediately had the feeling of entering a new world.

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Immediately you find yourself immersed in stands dedicated to every area of ​​the East. T-shirts, mugs, gadgets and above all many statues of exceptional workmanship that immediately strike the imagination, transporting us to the other side of the world. There is also the food aspect, of course. Among the many goodies, between one bubble tea and another, you could also taste the iconic ones South Korean cookies Dalgona become very famous in recent weeks thanks to the phenomenon Squid Game.

At the center of the day a meeting between worlds that are only apparently distant, a constant of Lucca Comics & Games also in 2021. We took part in a chat with Caterina Rocchidirector and founder of Lucca Manga School, e Riccardo Zanotti of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins. An opportunity to see how art unites once again, which has gathered a huge audience and from which many fascinating ideas have come out.

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The day is not over anyway, quite the contrary! Tonight we have several fascinating alternatives to follow, including a special screening of the cult Matrix and a meeting dedicated to the histrionic’s new audio project for Audible Maccio Capatonda. In short, there is still so much to tell you!

Now we greet you. Let’s go and follow the last appointments of the day, take a few laps between the stands and above all we focus on a fundamental aspect of every trip (especially in Tuscany): dinner. See you tomorrow!