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Jojob Real Time Carpooling, the app for traveling with Green Pass holders

Jojob Real Time Carpooling, the app for traveling with Green Pass holders

Jojob Real Time Carpooling is the app designed for corporate carpooling launched by Jojob. He wants to facilitate the sharing of car journeys between colleagues, divide the expenses and integrate the sending of money into the service (via Mango Pay). It is based on the possession of the Green Passessential in this moment of health emergency.

The application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android smartphones, while if you have an iPhone you can install it through the App Store. Once the app is started, you continue with the free registration and you will see colleagues and employees of companies close to your own.

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The features of Jojob Real Time Carpooling

Through the integrated chat it is possible to agree with the other passengers in a simple and fast way. Jojob Real Time Carpooling shows then the exact calculation of CO2 saved by sharing the route. The most virtuous carpoolers, who have used the service a lot, will be entitled to prizes such as cashback.

Following the objective of encouraging sustainable mobility, the app allows you to certify the journeys made on foot, by bike, by company shuttle and even the savings, both economic and environmental, of the activity of smart working.

Gerard Albertengo, CEO & Founder of Jojobhe has declared:

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“The sharing economy is a real process of efficiency sharing what we already own is the first step to reduce emissions, save precious resources and also safeguard the portfolio. These are the objectives that have guided our work for 10 years and that have now led us to evolve our app, creating an even more performing and user-friendly one that meets the needs of users “.

“Jojob Real Time therefore brings a series of important news in the corporate carpooling ecosystem and it has already been adopted by many companies that used the first Jojob app. These are companies that think from a perspective of corporate welfare and CSR improvement: by joining our company carpooling service, they spread sustainable mobility, reduce pressure on parking, offer employees who have difficulty traveling a comfortable solution, rewarding the most virtuous “.