Joe Biden's election campaign is coming to Animal Crossing

There are only 17 days left until the new US presidential elections, and the candidates' campaigns seem to be going on non-stop. Imagine that, in recent hours, the Democrat Joe Biden opened its own office for voters on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. An incredible choice, which has never had precedent in American history.

“We continue to reach voters across the country, wherever they are – even on Animal Crossing. We're launching Biden HQ, an entire island on the platform where supporters can connect with the campaign.” Thus Christian Tom, director of the digital partnership for the Biden-Harris campaign, commented on Biden's presence in Animal Crossing.

On the other hand, he is certainly not the first public figure who has chosen the game as a communication tool. A while ago, Selena Gomez performed a concert on the platform, and there are tons of celebrities using it to connect with their audiences. But perhaps you would never have expected to see an island entirely dedicated to an election candidate. Yet it happened. So let's take a trip to Biden HQ, and see what awaits us from the island of the Democratic politician running with Trump.

Biden HQ, Joe Biden's island in Animal Crossing

Biden HQ It's candidate Joe Biden's island in Animal Crossing, you read that right. A virtual space with attention to the smallest details. The entire island resembles a sort of virtual amusement park inspired by Biden's politics, with ice cream stands, model trains and exclusive campaign merchandise. In short, it's impossible not to realize that this is the domain of the Democratic candidate, especially since the town hall flag bears the words « Team Joe » and the streets are lined with electoral leaflets.

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Specifically, Biden Island turns out to be divided into two different areas. The first is represented by the “Home” of the electoral campaign of the candidate: a real “field office” with desks covered with laptops, coffee cups and flyers. But that’s not the only environment in the building. There is one furnished as if it were a merchandising store and one in which dozens of model trains are displayed (the so-called « Joe's Train Town »), as these seem to be the way candidate's preferred transportation option. And then there is also an upper floor, where it is located Joe Biden's Office and that of vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The second area of ​​the island, on the other hand, is organized as a vote place, complete with voting booths set up for voting. At the entrance to the environment, Internet users find an announcement from the Democratic National Committee, which provides all the information useful for online voting. It is in this space that it will be possible to find all the information necessary to decide whether to vote by email or in person.

And on an island entirely dedicated to the Democratic candidate, the character of Joe Biden could not be missing, wandering from one place to another interacting with his future voters. Indeed, it can be a good opportunity to take a photo – virtual, of course – with what the future president of the United States could be.

And if you can't help but meet Biden, then you'll have to turn on your Switch, lie down in bed, and go to sleep. And when you find yourself interacting with Luna, you'll need to enter the code to access Biden Island: DA-7286-5710-7478. At this point, wander around in search of the candidate and immerse yourself in his electoral campaign. Curious isn't it?

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