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Jamie Lee Curtis Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice 78

Jamie Lee Curtis Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice 78

Halloween – The night of the witches, An armchair for two, A fish named Wanda, True Lies, Dinner with a crime – Knives Out. These are just some of the various titles, from the most disparate genres, which have contributed to sculpting in the collective imagination Jamie Lee Curtisdouble daughter of art Tony Curtis And Janet Leighbut capable of tracing his own personal path towards the Hollywood firmament.

Her star shows no sign of losing brightness, and in recent times we have seen her reprise with class and charisma the role of Laurie Strode who launched her on the big screen, in the sequel / reboot of David Gordon Green Halloween. On the occasion of the out-of-competition presentation of the new chapter of the Michael Myers Halloween Kills saga, which still sees her as the protagonist, the Venice International Film Festival has decided to pay Jamie Lee Curtis the prestigious Golden Lion of the event, which the actress will collect on 8 September.

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A fair recognition of a career spanning over 40 years, which the actress has wisely exploited to do good to those who need it most, as evidenced by the many initiatives in favor of children and women in difficulty. On the big screen, we saw her become one of the most iconic scream queens in horror cinema, under the expert guidance of John Carpenter, and then rediscover her as a brilliant and brilliant actress in some of the most beloved comedies of the 80s.

Jamie Lee Curtis Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice 78

With the versatility that distinguishes her, she has been able to be a **** icon (her strip in True Lies is unforgettable) and self-deprecating diva, putting her talent at the service of the choral cast of Cena con delitto – Knives Out. for this recognition comes from the Director of Venice 78 Alberto Barbera:

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Jamie Lee Curtis belongs to that rarefied group of Hollywood actresses and actors capable of offering the most convincing personification of all those qualities that represent the soul of the great world cinema.

Direct descendant of the aristocracy of American cinema, as the daughter of two unforgettable stars such as Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, she is the natural incarnation of the star capable of entering the roles of versatile and helpful actress, with great charisma and uncommon personality. The combination of these qualities, combined with her work as a writer of children’s books and her philanthropic commitment, have cemented her status as an international artist over the years.

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His four-decade-long career began with the dazzling debut of horror horror Halloween, which became a classic, and includes more than forty films, reminding us that true talent, combined with intelligence, irony, perseverance and sheer grit, represent the hallmarks of this authentic star.

In addition to the legendary Halloween saga, Jamie Lee Curtis’ career has touched all genres of film, from the memorable and beloved comedies Knives Out, A Fish Called Wanda, A Chair for Two, That Crazy Friday, to the action films True Lies. and Blue Steel, up to the plays The Tailor of Panama, Dad, I found a friend and Love forever. His work reveals an artist who knows how to calibrate tone and style with impeccable skill and grace.

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This is instead the comment of Jamie Lee Curtis herself, full of humility and elegance:

I am incredibly honored to receive this award from the Venice Biennale Film Festival. It seems impossible to me that I have been in the movie business long enough to receive her career recognition, and that that happens today, with Halloween Kills, is particularly meaningful to me. Halloween – and my partnership with Laurie Strode – launched and sustained my career, and it truly is a gift that these films have given birth to a new franchise, loved by audiences around the world. Italian cinema has always honored and exalted the genre that has marked my career, so I could not be more proud and happy to accept this award from the Venice Film Festival, from Laurie and all the brave heroines in the world who face each other. high insurmountable obstacles and who refuse to give up.