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Jaguar I-Pace Black, the English electric SUV is tinged with black: new aesthetic details and very complete equipment

Jaguar I-Pace Black, the English electric SUV is tinged with black: new aesthetic details and very complete equipment

Three years after its launch, Jaguar I-Pace it is one of the most interesting high-end electric on the market. Fregiatasi of the title of Car of the Year in 2019today receives a new special version, Jaguar I-Pace Black. A limited series that focuses entirely on the black color, with glossy black details and aestheticsand on one very complete standard equipment. So let’s find out what this Lady in Black can offer.

I-Pace, Jaguar’s first electric: 400 hp, 470 km of autonomy and Formula E technology

Before getting to know the special Black version, let’s review them a bit main features of Jaguar I-Pace. It is a Mid-size SUV4.70 m long, available exclusively with electric motorization. The lines of I-Pace were drawn by the British Ian Callum, which gave I-Pace very original and sporty lines. To a’pointed and aggressive frontlike a true Jaguar, is opposed by a coupé rear, with sloping roof, and immediately recognizable square lines.

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I-Pace is assembled together with little sister E-Pace at the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria, ma the project is all British. There is only one version in the price list, the EV400equipped with a 90 kWh battery pack and two motors, one per axle, of 200 HP each. I-Pace is therefore an SUV from 400 hp and 700 Nm of torquewith four-wheel drive developed together with the sister house Land Roverspecialist in four-wheel drive vehicles.

I-Pace offers aneat and spacious interior, a lot of silence and a sporty and self-confident driving. The performance in fact they speak of a0-100 km / h acceleration covered in just 4.8 secondsand one maximum speed of 200 km / h. The 90 kWh battery allows you to have aautonomy in mixed cycle WLTP of 470 km. There charging instead it can arrive, in direct current, up to a power of 100 kW.

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Jaguar then invested big care in electric motors and software, with continuous updates and refinements thanks to the commitment of the Jaguar in electric motorsport. Indeed, the Coventry House has participated in Formula E since 2015 with his Jaguar I-Type. But even the same I-Pace took to the track, in the single-brand store Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy. These two competitions gave Jaguar the opportunity to develop al better electric motorsmade and engineered in house, and to study software solutions to maximize performance and autonomy.

Jaguar I-Pace Black, black details and everything as standard

Jaguar I-Pace is therefore a very complete car from a technical point of view, and now it becomes so also in terms of standard accessories. In fact, the Jaguar I-Pace Black special version. This combines a total black aesthetic with a complete standard equipment of all the options present on the normal S, SE and HSE versions on which it is based.

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From the outside, Jaguar I-Pace Black stands out for its series adoption Black Pack, available as an option on the other versions. It is a aesthetic package that paints all the usually chromed moldings in glossy black. So let’s talk about the front grille, the mirror caps, the window frames and the rear logos. In addition to the series there are also the 20 ″ wheels always embellished with a Gloss Black finish. All this black, available with any paint in the I-Pace catalogmakes the British electric SUV even more aggressive, sporty but at the same time elegant and discreet.

A total black look that also continues inside, with Ebony color leather and glossy black inserts on the whole belly are standardas well as the headliner made in black. Inside, however, it is not only the black that stands out: there are in fact all the options available for the other I-Pace. In fact, the top-of-the-range multimedia system is standard Pivi Pro with 10-inch display, 4G connectivity with integrated SIM and integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, soon wireless with an update. In fact, the whole car often receives OTA updates for the navigator software but also for the management of the electric motors. In this way, the House always guarantees each customer the latest software version available.

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Then there is the digital instrument panel and a third screen for managing the climate and other settings of the car, the Full LED headlights a fourth screen, that of the digital rearview mirror, really comfortable given the whimsical lines of the I-Pace rear window. I-Pace does not miss the presence of ADAS of the latest generation, which guarantee Level 2 autonomous driving such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Lane Keeping, Blind Spot Sensor and so on. The Black version adds the presence of series of tinted windows and the beautiful panoramic roof running along the entire roof, from front to rear passengers. Finally, Jaguar I-Pace Black offers a standard passenger compartment air filtering and ionization system. This system is capable of block the particulate molecules up to PM2.5other ultra-fine particles and various pollen and allergens.

How much does the Jaguar I-Pace Black cost?

We have therefore learned everything that makes Jaguar I-Pace Black an I-Pace different from the others. One version super-equippedwhich houses all the technology and quality of I-Pace with a black dress, elegant and refined. We just have to know the price. Jaguar I-Pace Black is already available for order in all dealerships of the English House to a starting price of 89,170 euros. A price list Interesting considering that it is a special version and that offers all the options of the I-Pace range, for a surcharge compared to the basic S version of less than 6,000 euros.

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We really like Jaguar I-Pace: combines original and very British lines with excellent technological equipment, interesting autonomy and noteworthy performance. And you? What do you think? Do you prefer this British electric or its German or American rivals? Let us know in the comments or on our social channels!

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