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Jaguar F-Pace: improved technologies and new R-Dynamic Black model

Jaguar F-Pace: improved technologies and new R-Dynamic Black model

The new Jaguar F-Pace R-Dynamic Black model comes with a more decisive design and numerous components of the Black Pack series. Here are all the specifications and cost.

Jaguar F-Pace introduces the new R-Dynamic Black model

A new model of Jaguar F-Pace, which will be distinguished by caps, mirrors and 20-inch wheels with Gloss Black finish. It will be called R-Dynamic Blackand will have a fixed panoramic roof, tinted windows and roof rails also in Gloss Black.

Numerous technological innovations also include the new function Air Purge, which will allow you to refresh the passenger compartment before departure. In addition, a CO2 sensor will allow you to monitor the level of carbon dioxide inside the car.

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The F-PACE R-Dynamic Black has a starting price of 65,940 euros. The rest of the range is offered with a starting price of 56,060 euros. The vehicles can be ordered immediately and configured on the jaguar.it website

Enhanced features make it more palatable than ever

The new model features connectivity and improved driver assistance technologies across the range. R-Dynamic Black is available with a series of refined, efficient and responsive Ingenium powertrains. The range starts with the 163 hp mild hybrid (MHEV) four-cylinder diesel up to the 404 hp plug-in hybrid (PHEV) petrol variant.

Adam Hatton, Jaguar Exterior Design Director, said: “The F-PACE is a high-performance SUV with a very assertive and assertive design that allows it to really stand out from its rivals. Giving life to the new F-PACE R-Dynamic Black gave us the opportunity to accentuate its sculpted and balanced shape, resulting in the definition of an even more impactful exterior. “

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The Black Pack has been refined with specific finishes in certain parts of the car. These include exterior mirror caps, front grille texture and side air intakes with the iconic Jaguar Leaper emblem. Completing this perfect aesthetic balance are the 20-inch “Style 1067” wheels also in Gloss Black. The red brake calipers emphasize the attractive wheel design.

On board, the feeling of serenity and refinement has been emphasized through the enhancement of the Premium Cabin Lighting. Also available on all other models in the range, this function offers the driver a choice of 30 different colors compared to the previous 10.

Jaguar F-Pace Dynamic Black: images and comfort inside

The F-Pace, since last year, is equipped with Cabin Air Ionisation system with PM2.5 filtration, capable of removing allergens and odors and capturing ultra-fine particles inside the passenger compartment. The new Cabin Air Purification Plus includes new additional features to improve indoor air quality. This is now more uniform in order to increase the well-being and comfort of the occupants.

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The aforementioned Air Purge technology, using the fans of the air conditioning system and the recirculation function, is able to freshen the air inside the vehicle before the doors are opened. All this is possible by setting a departure time via the infotainment touchscreen or the app Jaguar Remote.

The passenger compartment CO2 detection feature monitors and adjusts the carbon dioxide level inside the car. The concentration can increase over time if the air conditioning system operates in recirculation mode for long periods, such as when the vehicle passes through areas with a high concentration of pollution.

Infotainment and connectivity

The Jaguar Pivi Pro infotainment system includes a whole host of integrated apps including Spotify and the standard Apple CarPlay. To make smartphone connectivity even easier and more usable, Apple CarPlay wireless will soon be available. To get it, just run the software-over-the-air (SOTA) update. At the same time, the wireless Android Auto will also be available in the same mode.

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The dual-SIM technology of the Pivi Pro allows you to simultaneously stream music. The Pivi Pro system is able to connect two phones simultaneously through Bluetooth. In addition, the optional charging device pad is equipped with a signal amplifier to improve cellular network reception.

Other features and improvements of the new Jaguar

Here is a list of other features that make the new Jaguar F-Pace even more interesting:

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Three different modes: Hybrid, EV or Save

The P400e engine can operate in three different modes, let’s see them specifically

All four and six cylinder Ingenium engines equipped with MHEV technology, equipped with a BiSG (Belt integrated Starter Generator) device. This makes it possible to recover the energy usually lost during the slowdown and braking phases. The latter is stored in a 48V lithium-ion battery. The recovered energy is subsequently redistributed to support the engine during the acceleration phases, improving reactivity. In addition, this device makes the stop-start function quieter and faster than conventional systems.

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The 550PS F-PACE SVR represents the top of the range Jaguar performance SUV. The supercharged V8 unleashes a maximum torque of 700 Nm and is equipped with a Dynamic Launch function. This allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 286 km / h.

Thanks to the Black Pack, also available for the SVR for the first time, the car’s dynamic and purposeful design is now more engaging than ever. Instead of the SV Exterior Pack’s Satin Gray color scheme, a spectacular Gloss Black finish has been applied to some primary styling details such as the grille surround, bonnet vents, front bumper openings, door sill trims and rear under bumper. Gloss Black rear badges complete the renewed look.

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The new Black Pack integrates seamlessly with the optional 22-inch “Style 5117” forged wheels, which combine a five-spoke design with a Gloss Black finish and Satin Technical Gray inserts.

The F-PACE SVR also benefits from a new suite of features designed for well-being, new driver assistance systems and connectivity features now available on the main models in the range.