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Jack Black plays Claptrap in the Borderlands movie

Jack Black plays Claptrap in the Borderlands movie

The film of Borderlands he found his Claptrap: Jack Black joins the star cast of the new video game saga film. The actor reaches in fact Jamie Lee Curtis, Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hartall ready to bring the world created by Gearbox Software and distributed by 2K Games on the big screen.

Jack Black is Claptrap in the Borderlands movie

The announcement of the film on the video game series had already arrived in 2015. Six years of uncertainty followed but it seems that Lionsgate is ready to shoot the film. Jack Black returns to work with Cate Blachett for the director Eli Rothwho directed them in The Mystery of the House of Time.

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Black also finds Jumanji co-star Kevin Hart, with whom he demonstrated great alchemy in the two blockbuster films with The Rock. With a balanced cast of level comedians and the dramatic abilities of Blachett and Curtis, the new film takes itself seriously. Also because the latest draft of the script is signed by Craig Mazin, which won an Emmy for the splendid screenplay of the series Chernobyl by HBO. And that he seems to be passionate about video game adaptations, since he is also working on series dedicated to The Last of Us.

The right choice for Claptrap

Between the announcements and the theatrical or streaming release, months and years of work go by, so it’s difficult to predict the quality of a film in advance. But having chosen a exceptional cast and a prestigious scriptwriter it sure helps. Jack Black in particular is perfect for the Borderlands universe and Claptrap in particular. We expect him to know give life to the robot with all the explosive sympathy he has accustomed us to.

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We don’t have a release date for the film yet. But it looks like Embracer Group’s recent Gearbox purchase shouldn’t cause any delays. We hope that filming starts as soon as possible.