I've already experienced it: Samsung will launch a glossy black Galaxy S7

Being the metalhead that I am, when I heard this news, the chorus of an Iron Maiden song came to mind that said « Feel like I've been here before. » the impression of having been here before): according to information from the Korea Herald, Samsung plans to launch a Galaxy S7 in a new color. Guess which one? Yes, Jet Black or shiny black that, branding issues aside, users love it so much.

The fact is that, as the Korean giant has already said on occasion, Samsung has been making phones for a long time, during which time it has launched devices of every color imaginable. The problem with this statement is that went back to gold and rose gold right after Apple released these colors in 2013's iPhone 5s and 2015's iPhone 6s, which can only mean they keep looking askance at everything Apple does with its smartphone.

The glossy black of the Galaxy S7 would join the matte of the same color

This year's move probably makes more sense and is more understandable than in previous years. 2016 was the year the Note 7 was launched with the famous battery problem, so Samsung is doing everything it can to attract the attention of users so that they buy its flagship which does not pose problems. If this means launching a model in a color that has proven very popularPersonally I don't think so SO wrong.

The Galaxy S7 you have at the top of this article is the matte black known as « Onyx », a device with more brightness than the matte iPhone 7. The new model is expected to be similar to this year's iPhone, which very reminiscent of the black used in carsalthough we will still have to wait to see the final color of the new model, if it arrives.

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