It's official, there will be a Mass Effect movie

Gamers of the world, I bring you excellent news: Mass Effect, or one of the best sagas in the video game industry today, will soon hit the big screen as reported by various media, including our colleagues at Ecetia.  » Great? » many will ask. Ok, it is true that the vast majority of films based on a video game that we have seen lately leave a lot to be desired or are straight up unbearable garbage, but the case in question, at least a priori, seems very good .

At the beginning we have this this time yes that we are facing a perfect saga for a filmMass Effect is based on a fairly well-constructed plot that will work perfectly in the cinema, as long as things are done well, and this is where the second interesting and hopeful point comes, the people behind the project.

As far as the producer knew Legendary Images is deeply involved in the project, who to give you an idea have participated in films such as “ Black Knight  » Or  » 300”, the person responsible for the scenario will surely be Mark Protosevich (who wrote the screenplay for among other films “ I'm a legend”) and finally the executive production will be ensured by Ray Muzyka And Greg Zeschukthe co-founders of biowarenext to Casey Hudsonanother one of Mass Effect's best managers.

And not much is known at the moment, but like I said things look good. If they don't, something very interesting will come out, the server is already dying for it. Waiting is what we have to do, both for the film itself and for the first leaks of it.

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