It's not that technology makes us dumber, it's that idiots have always existed

Every now and then the already hackneyed debate over whether or not technology is making us dumber resurfaces in the media and we always find the pundits on duty giving millions of outlandish arguments to support the position that technology Technological dependence actually makes us a little more mindless, which obviously my server and many others disagree with.

Personally, I am one of those who think it is true that human beings have lost certain abilities as a direct result of technology, but that is a purely evolutionary problem and although some things were lost, some things were also gained. That on the one hand, and on the other hand I sincerely believe in what I put in the title, that there have always been people who “miss a few summers”, “have little light” or all that. that everyone wants to call them. I'll give you an example that happened recently to illustrate this.

The protagonist of our story is called Lauren Rosenberg and in recent days he has jumped into the media demanding more than $100,000 from Google in a lawsuit. Well, actually, the reason he appears in the media is not because of the money he is asking Google for, but why he is asking it. It turns out that Rosenberg wanted to get from point A to point B on foot, and like thousands and thousands of people do, instead of using a conventional map, he took his BlackBerry, entered Google Maps and used the functionality of the service which allows defining walking routes. Once Google Maps indicated the route to follow, in which there was clearly a dangerous section for pedestrians, Rosenberg began walking, following the instructions to the letter, So much so that when she reached this dangerous section that she was commenting on instead of avoiding – a road with no shoulders or sidewalks – she dove into it and the predictable happened: she was knocked down by a car..

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Ok that Google needs to improve its service and it is also true that perhaps they deserve condemnation (the warning messages that Google Maps publishes in these cases on the BlackBerry cannot be read), but what if Google Maps had instead said that To get there faster than point A to point B the best thing was to jump off a bridge? Well, I would have done the same thing. As I said, we are faced with a clear example that it is not that technology makes us dumber, but that there have always been people “with less light” than usual. Google Maps and its feature for setting walking routes is used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, and what a coincidence that this, at least to my knowledge, is the first case of someone ending up physically injured.

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