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Italy, here are the reasons for the “no” to end the sales of polluting cars by 2035

Italy, here are the reasons for the “no” to end the sales of polluting cars by 2035

Many will not have escaped, as anticipated in a previous article, the choice made by Italy to Cop26 not to sign the proposal by the United Kingdom government which aims to stop the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2035. The reasons that have pushed Italy, (and other countries and, above all, large car manufacturers) come from the pages of the Corriere della Sera, who interviewed the Minister of Economic Development on this subject Giancarlo Giorgetti.

According to the Minister, there are several reasons why it is premature to put pen to paper for our nation to undertake such a “drastic” commitment. “We must face the ecological transition with a technologically neutral approach: decarbonisation cannot become synonymous with electricity. In this way we make a path that instead must be rational become ideological ”.

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Reading between the lines and not too covertly, Giorgetti intends to promote the message that the end of fossil combustion engines does not necessarily have to be tied only to the production (and circulation) of electric cars. Indeed, according to the Minister “We all want to fight pollution, to live in a healthier and more environmentally friendly world, and for this reason we cannot reject other paths in a prejudicial manner. Research and development must continue on other non-fossil fuels, in which our companies are making important investments ”, he adds.

Investments that many local companies cannot see vanish due to the government’s decision to wipe out all the progress made so far.

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Italy, after the no to COP26 there is another more thorny proposal to decide on

If the “no” to COP26 suggests that Italy wants to take it easy on the possible transaction towards electricity in the short term, now it has to face a new proposal, which comes directly from the European Commission. In fact, the EU is planning to stop giving the possibility of registering endothermic cars in 2035. This proposal is part of the Fit for 55 climate reform package which also involves other sectors other than the automotive one. Again the Minister Giorgetti is cautious: “The Italian government must speak clearly and with one voice in Europe”.

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Finally, the Minister emphasized what Mise is currently doing to support companies in the transition to the energy transition and the efforts made to allow the industry “to be a driving force and a point of reference in the entire automotive sector”. Because of this Giorgetti he is keen to emphasize that we must not give in to the temptation of falling “into ideological traps”, because “it is of no use to the environment, to our businesses and to consumers”. The path to follow must instead “be rational”.