Israeli soldier compromises military operation over Facebook update

What an indiscretion: an Israeli soldier accidentally revealed an arrest operation in Western Bank via your account Facebook. The soldier, member of the elite unit of the Artillery Corpspublished: “This Wednesday we are going to clean Benjamin in an arrest operation. He will undergo another arrest operation tomorrow and then, God willing, return home this Thursday.

After being accused by his colleagues, the Israeli army decided to punish the reckless soldier with ten days in prison, in addition to removing him from the unit to which he belonged. THE Information Security Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has stated its concern over these situations, as they claim enemy intelligence is using the Internet to obtain useful information.

A case which puts the use of the Internet for the military back into the debate. In recent days, the opening of Pentagon for American soldiers to have permission to use the Internet. And it is clear that the security problems that social networks represent for intelligence bodies are obvious. A simple oversight can jeopardize a secret operation, or reveal sensitive information. A Tweeteran update of Facebook… A spark of information is enough to detonate a bomb. And believe me, the fuse is very short.

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