Is the “Wii phenomenon” over?

In 2006, the folks at Nintendo released their Wii video game console, which quickly became a success despite the doubts that were raised about it at first, due in large part to the strategy behind it. They chose to try to convert people who fell outside the usual « target » into players, and they succeeded.

But we already know that everything is not eternal and even less so if we are talking about consumer electronics. According to the latest data “the Wii phenomenon” is slowly deflatingNintendo's consolidated profits at the end of fiscal 2009 fell by no less than 36%, a drop caused largely by declining Wii sales.

Between April 2009 and March 2010, the Japanese brand sold 20.5 million Wiis, more or less 5 million less than the previous year. Also for the current financial year Nintendo predicts Wii sales will continue to fall and they will be in the 18 million range (they hope to save the day with sales of video games on DS and with the new 3DS).

Despite these figures, the Wii is still the best-selling home console in the world, but they suggest that perhaps « the Wii phenomenon » is slowly coming to an end. Will Nitendo be able to stop the decline in Wii sales? Is it just a pothole? Is the Wii no longer able to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox360? Well, we have no choice but to wait for time to pass to get answers to these questions. What I'm personally sure of after seeing this slip-up is that the Wii's moment of glory is long past.

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