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Is the remake of Metal Gear Solid going to be announced?

Is the remake of Metal Gear Solid going to be announced?

If we exclude particular events and promotional tweets, Metal Gear Solid’s official Twitter account has been inactive for months. However, the situation seems to have changed in the last few hours and many are convinced that a upcoming announcement regarding an alleged Metal Gear Solid Remake.

Metal Gear Solid: is the remake reality?

It is not clear what exactly the offending Tweet refers to, but what we do know for sure is that it is a response to such a Tom Olsen. This user registered on Twitter on April 8 and in his post history he has a series of images taken from settings from the Metal Gear saga.

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Undoubtedly a mysterious man, whose biography reads: “Born and raised in New York. Maintenance Technician at Big Shell. Married for 10 years to my wonderful wife Karen. Fans of the Mets “. While in the Tweet taken from the official video game account we read: “I went to the computer lab to say hello but there is no one here. They must be in a meeting or something. Maybe next time”.

The laboratory in question is clearly a screenshot taken from the video game, and the official Metal Gear account replied like this: “Tom, we’ve already talked about it. Please check your Codec every morning for updates on meetings and evacuations in case you are curious about the PMC. And we have visitors next week, so finish cleaning the fans and make sure the flags are displayed correctly, but don’t touch the C4 this time.

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It is clear that there is something boiling in the pot and the reference to visitors arriving over the next week is quite indicative in this regard. Is the announcement of the much-rumored remake developed by the guys at Bluepoint imminent? To find out, we just need to wait a few days.