Is the iPhone going bad? No, everything else is what's wrong.


  • iPhone falls compared to last year's quarter
  • The iPad sells less but fits more
  • Mac sales continue to fall
  • Services continue to grow

Apple last night announced its financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2016, which runs from April of this year to June. The numbers continue to show a decline in revenue over the past few quarters, but according to Tim Cook himself, they have been better than expected. The company reported quarterly sales of $42.4 billion and quarterly net income of $7.8 billion, or $1.42 per share. The iPhone sold 40 million units, with very good user acceptance of the iPhone SE. Even so, some have already called it « the worst quarter in iPhone history », demonstrating a very short memory, only 12 months. The iPhone is not the problem, far from it, there are other categories that the company should seriously look into to improve the numbers. We show you the data in graphical form to understand it better.

iPhone falls compared to last year's quarter

iPhone sales
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This chart shows iPhone sales since 2013, shows the third quarters of each year (Q3) and how 2015 represented a growth of over 12 million units compared to the previous year. It has been difficult to maintain the same growth this year, and although in the third quarter of 2016 sales were 40 million units, 7 million units less than in the same quarter of 2015, they are still 5 million units more than in the quarter of 2014, just two years ago. The worst quarter in history? A little rigor please.

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“We are pleased to report fiscal third quarter results that reflect higher demand and better results than expected at the start of the quarter,” said Tim Cook, Apple CEO. “We had a very successful launch of the iPhone SE and we are very pleased with the response from customers and developers to the software and services planned at WWDC in June. »

Tim Cook highlighted the good acceptance of the iPhone SEa device that seems to be successful among users, with the strategy of offering the user a new generation terminal at a lower price and with a screen size of 4 inches.

The iPad sells less but fits more

iPad sales
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The iPad sales figures continue their trend for many quarters, although, to console ourselves, we can say that there is a positive figure. Despite the fact that only 10 million iPads were sold, more were received, 7% more, because the iPad Pro, a product with a higher price than normal iPads, sold better. It seems that business users have found something in Apple's tablet that previous iPads didn't offer and are willing to pay more for it.

Mac sales continue to fall

mac sales
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As with the iPad, Apple also has a serious problem with Macs, and the fault is the lack of renewals of its range of computers, notably the MacBook Air and Pro. More than a year without relevant changes is too long for a company for which IT should be the soul. If this wait is because the changes are going to be significant, welcome, but Apple needs to come up with something new in this category now, and urgently.

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Services continue to grow

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Service revenues continue their good trend. Apple Pay, Apple Music, iCloud, iTunes… Apple continues to obtain good figures for this part of its activity, which already exceeds the iPad and the Mac and becomes the second in terms of revenue, just behind the iPhone. Tim Cook assured that 75% of sales made by the “contactless” system in the United States were made via Apple Payand which show the enormous potential it has, as long as it finishes developing throughout the world before other models are consolidated.

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