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Is Animal Crossing not animal friendly enough?

Is Animal Crossing not animal friendly enough?

If in many video games violence is the order of the day, certainly this cannot be said for Animal Crossing. Even with regard to respect for animals, hardly anyone would have something to say. but yet PETA, a controversial American non-profit organization devoted to the protection of animals, thinks differently, and has released a set of rules for playing Animal Crossing New Horizons in the most respectful way possible towards animals.

PETA has his say on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizonsas well as the previous titles, could hardly be defined as a title that promotes cruelty to animals, which, in addition to being present in nature, are sentient And often our island mates. On the contrary: as players we can only feed on fruitmaking us de facto gods vegansand even the animals that we fish or catch with the net are always kept alive and they can be released at any time.

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This is apparently not enough for PETA that in fact in a tweet released a video with the rules for playing Animal Crossing New Horizons in a “vegan way”.

Enjoying that vegan island life 🏝 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons pic.twitter.com/vc3167FSXz

– PETA (@peta) March 25, 2020

Among these indications we find that of spread the message of respect both in their passport (i.e. the personal profile of each player) and with rules for visitors to hang on the island’s bulletin board. These rules include the ban on catching insects and catching fish.

These rules, besides being quite ridiculous since we are talking about a video game, do not seem to have been respected even by PETA itself. In the inventory shown by the character in the video, in fact, a ‘axone shovel it’s a fishing polein versions obtainable only after donating enough fish and insects to Tom Nook to start building the museum.

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It is not the first time that PETA has spoken out against a video game: it had already happened in the past with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and with Pokémon, without obtaining in either case a particular approval from gamers. It seems that once again this appeal will be rightly ignored by most.