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iRobot and Amazon Alexa: voice commands in Italian available

iRobot and Amazon Alexa: voice commands in Italian available

Controlling your home robots only with your voice, without having to brush up on your English skills? To announce the realization of this dream is iRobot, which has recently confirmed the possibility, thanks to the compatibility of its products with the series of devices Amazon Alexa, the arrival of the possibility of using voice commands in Italian!

Control iRobot devices with your voice

The approach between the devices signed by the manufacturer of home robots and the useful tools Amazon had already started in November 2018, when iRobot had announced the compatibility between the two groups.

The use via voice commands, however, was not initially available in Italian, but in English, a detail that prevented a good slice of consumers from appreciating the company’s products. The situation has now finally changed, as the company itself has announced the introduction of the Italian language in the use of voice commands!

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A similar feature will finally allow a more heterogeneous audience, including the less young and those who do not know the English language better, to exploit all the functions of the company’s robots in an even easier way.

How to use voice control

Using voice commands to control your home robots will be simple, thanks to the appropriate one iRobot Home app.

The latter, available for iOS and Android, it will allow the owner of the device to interact with the assistant of Amazon, thanks to simple commands such as “Alexa, operate Roomba”.

Voice control will allow you to request that you turn on, turn off, start a cleaning phase or return to the charging base of your robot.

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Colin Angle, CEO and president of the company, commented on the announcement stating: “Today, voice-activated devices are enjoying great success on the market and this testifies to the need for consumers to have simpler ways of interacting to connect an increasing number of technological products and household appliances. “

Are you excited about the arrival of this new way of interacting?