iPhone Camera app could offer augmented reality

Apple is working on integrate augmented reality into the iPhone Camera application. This is not new and it should not surprise us at all, since Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has repeatedly expressed the company's clear and growing interest in this aspect, but now , a report published by Business Insider shows some details about how the Cupertino company would integrate augmented reality into the iPhone.

The possibilities of augmented reality, a sector that has barely started, are immense, and not only in terms of leisure and entertainment, but also, and above all, applied to sectors such as information, the business world, education or medicine among others. Apple seems determined to go for it, but how it will do it is something we still don't know exactly, although clues are starting to emerge.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has already expressed his interest in augmented reality on several occasionsoften touting the capabilities of this technology and even suggesting it has more real-world potential than virtual reality.

Just a few days ago news emerged that Apple would begin testing a desire for augmented reality, perhaps a good tool for “promote human contact”as Cook expressed it just a month ago:

Augmented reality is going to take a while to work well, but I think it's profound. We could… have a more productive conversation, if we both have an augmented reality experience here, right? And so I think things like that are better when they're integrated without actually getting in the way of our conversation. … You want technology to amplify, not be a barrier.

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Now, a report published by Business Insider offers some details on how Apple plans to integrate augmented reality into the iPhone. According to this information, Apple is working on integrating augmented reality into the iPhone Camera app using technology from various companies acquired over time, such as Metaio.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, the company has started to create a “secret” work and investigation team focused on AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies.

As this report points out, by adding augmented reality to the iPhone's camera app, Apple hopes that users will be able to point at a real object and the camera will be able to recognize it..

By adding AR technology to the iPhone's camera software, Apple wants consumers to be able to point the phone at a real-world object and have it recognized, according to the person familiar with the matter. This would require creating or licensing a database of 3D objects.

Also, Apple wants integrate more advanced facial recognition software into the iPhone using augmented realityallowing the camera app to recognize people's faces.

Later, Apple hopes to release an SDK so app developers can also integrate augmented reality into their appswhich would bring this technology to more users and uses.

All of this would be a prerequisite step towards Apple's final goal, which would be the launch of those smart glasses we mentioned above. Essentially, What Apple hopes is that by bringing augmented reality to the iPhone, users will be able to see everything that this technology is capable of, and thus pique their interest in said glasses..

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Business Insider's report partly coincides with a series of previous rumors, including those from Robert Scoble who claimed that The iPhone 8 will offer “mixed reality” resulting from the triple combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Apple's efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into the camera app are similar to Google's Tango initiative. However, it's unclear when Apple will introduce AR to the iPhone's Camera app, but it will likely coincide with a major update to the device. , maybe the 10th anniversary iPhone of 2017?

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