iPhone 8 with glass case to enable wireless charging, analyst says

We talk so much and so well about the iPhone 10th anniversary that I'm afraid of having the disappointment of the century. Logically, until something is officially presented, everything is rumor and these rumors are usually based on the information that some analysts are considering. The most famous Apple in the world and the one who has the most success when talking about the plans of those from Cupertino is Ming-Chi Kuo, who has again published a note for his investors in which he talks about the one who is currently known what iPhone 8.

There is a lot of talk that the iPhone 8 will arrive with a glass case and the Taiwanese analyst believes that this change would be needed to support wireless charging. Additionally, Kuo says Pegatron will be the sole provider of this charging system for the iPhone which will be introduced in about 10 months. And it is that to charge without connecting a cable it is necessary that there is a special material on the back that is different from most of the metal alloys used in smartphones.

Will iPhone 8 have wireless charging?

We think one of the reasons the new iPhones will change the body from metal to glass is to support wireless charging. To ensure higher performance, we believe it will be more suitable for EMS providers to develop and build wireless chargers, as in-depth testing can be carried out this way. As Hon Hai (Foxconn) needs to deploy more resources to develop and produce OLED iPhones, we believe Pegatron will be the sole supplier of the wireless charger.

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The famous analyst did not specify whether all iPhones from 2017 will support this type of charging, but he expects more compatible devices in 2018. This would suggest that there is a chance that Apple launches an iPhone 8 with wireless charging and another or two others that would continue to be charged by cable or which all could support charging, but there would be models that would arrive without the wireless charger, something that personally would never end up understanding. What is also not clear is whether the wireless charging that Apple would use in 2017 would be real or not, that is, the iPhone could be used at a certain distance from the base charging or if it should be placed on it like the rest of the phones. phones that exist today.

In all cases, we are talking about a report filed today about something that's due in almost a year. It's true that Kuo is absolutely right in his predictions, but we'll have to keep waiting to see if he gets it right this time. What do you think?

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