iPhone 7 Plus concept with dual speakers and USB-C

iPhone 7 Plus dual camera concept

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since Apple kept what an iPhone will look like before release a secret. We are in May, four months after the presentation of the iPhone 7, and we already know almost everything about Apple's next smartphone, such as the iPhone 7 Plus which will have a dual camera. The good thing about knowing what everything will be like before it launches, to say the least, is that we can see Notions much more reliable months before seeing the actual device.

The concept you can see below was created by Jermaine Smit based on rumors and leaks we've received over the past few months. The concept of him takes up the dual cameral of the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro, unknown) with one lens larger than the other, as we saw in some leaked photos of the camera module, and the bands for the antennas redesigned, with only those of the top and bottom edges of the iPhone. It seems to me that the camera position is on the right and not on the left as it has been since the release of the original iPhone.

Concept of an iPhone 7 Plus that we could see in September

Where Smit is not right, although we would like it, is in the lower part of his concept: this iPhone 7 Plus has two speakers, something which would considerably improve the sound but it seems that we will not see it this year, and a port USB-C, which would be better for everyone (except Apple) because we could use what will be the standard port in the medium term. What is good about its concept is that it did not include the 3.5mm jack port for headphones.

iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods reappear in the photo

What do you think of this notion?

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