iPhone 7 might not have a second speaker after all

One of the interesting new features that will arrive with the iPhone 7 it will be a second speaker, at least that is what we thought until yesterday. And it is that MacRumors made an observation that, although it is true that it can be successful, it disappointed me -I'm not saying it for the blog-. The American media looked at the supposed manufacturing documents of the next iPhone and realized that they did not mention any second speaker, other than just a microphone, but that is not the only clue that undermines our hopes that the iPhone 7 will deliver better sound without headphones. .

The thing is that in these documents he doesn't talk about the main speaker either, so it shouldn't mean anything. But if we look at one of the renders that was leaked a long time ago, we can see that the the expected second speaker holes are blocked, that is, they would only be so that the bottom iPhone 7 image is symmetrical. But will there be a second speaker or will there not be a second speaker?

What about the second speaker on the iPhone 7?

While I have to admit that this doesn't look good at all, I also wouldn't want to completely lose hope. As with any leak, you should remain skeptical until the official presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Additionally, the above image of a alleged socket from an iPhone 7, it has the second speaker holes from side to side, which if this is a real picture makes us think there will be a second top -speaker.

Belkin allows us to listen to music with headphones while charging the iPhone 7

As if that wasn't enough, we also have to remember what the first leaked renders looked like, the ones that didn't have a hole other than the microphone. I would also like to remind you that OnLeaks He said they would have opted for the two-speaker model, although it is also possible that what they would have chosen was the symmetrical enclosure in that sense. To get rid of doubts, it is enough to wait less than a month.

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