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iPhone 6 Plus will become a “vintage product”

iPhone 6 Plus will become a “vintage product”

According to the latest rumors, Apple is about to add iPhone 6 Plus to the list of products vintage‘of the Apple. The change of status should come on December 31stafter more than five years since Cupertino stopped producing the device.

iPhone 6 Plus will become a vintage product

Apple’s list of products that fall into the vintage category indicates a change of status for repairs. In fact the Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will continue to offer repairs of vintage products up to seven years. But since it is no longer in production, the problem of have no spare parts to replace.

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MacRumors says they saw an internal note from the company indicating this category shift, which means it could become more difficult for those still using these smartphones to get repairs.

iPhone 6 Plus debuted in September 2014 along with the base model iPhone 6. If the standard version had a 4.7-inch screen, the larger model measured 5.5 inch (which today would also make this smartphone fall into the category of ‘small’ phones). They were the first smartphones with Apple Pay.

Apple ceased production of this device in 2016, but only the Plus version. The standard one has continues to be accessible in some regions until 2018. So iPhone 6 will not become a vintage product, although it was launched at the same time: they must five years have passed since a device is no longer in production to become ‘vintage’.

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From a software point of view, however, Apple has no longer supported both devices since the launch of iOS 13 few years ago. Although Apple offers more support than many other companies, sooner or later even Apple’s products become obsolete. Although it sounds better to call them ‘vintage’.