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iPhone 14 with second sliding screen?

iPhone 14 with second sliding screen?

According to the latest rumors, the new one iPhone 14 from Apple could have a second scrolling screena A16 Bionic chipone air charging technology and so on. Let’s find out all the details together and remember that all this information has not been officially confirmed by Apple.

iPhone 14 Coming With Second Screen?

The concept video was shared by the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel. To be honest, the video is put together good enough and clearly shows what the second sliding screen ofiPhone 14. In terms of design, the concept of the iPhone 14 looks like similar to any other phone with a camera on the front.

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Aside from the looks, the iPhone 14 concept video shows several features of the device. For example, it is shown that it hosts a A16 Bionic chip, Face ID And Touch ID. Moreover, the video also talks about the new technology Air Charge which will charge the device remotely without the need for a wired connection.

One of the biggest additions shown in the video is the second sliding screen, used by third party applications as well as by system ones. For example, the second sliding screen can be used to view the keyboard oi game controls.

Keep in mind that all of this information, including videos, are simple concepts created by users. This means that Apple has neither announced nor confirmed the arrival of these features. We therefore do not know if the Cupertino company is actually working on a second screen.

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In any case, among the latest leaks, it has been stated that the iPhone 14 will feature a iPhone 4-like design. As always, however, take this information with a grain of salt while awaiting official confirmation from Apple.