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iPhone 13 Pro: big news coming with iOS 15.1

iPhone 13 Pro: big news coming with iOS 15.1

Two camera features of iPhone 13 Pro that Apple had promised would come in future software updates were shown in the latest developer beta of iOS 15.1. Now users can record videos with the ProRes format Apple and it will be possible disable auto macro mode (via 9to5Mac).

iPhone 13 Pro: news coming with iOS 15.1

In current iOS versions, iPhone 13 Pro will automatically switch between main camera and ultrawide camera when it detects that the lens is very close to a subject, thus enabling close focus macro mode.

Some reviewers found this automatic switch discreetly annoying, and Apple reflexively stated that it would add a setting to disable it. Now that this option has been added to the operating system beta, however, some users of the Reddit have reported difficulty achieving the same results with the Auto Macro setting turned off, even after manually switching to the ultrawide lens.

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Of course, this being a developer beta, it is possible that the setting has some bugs or that it may work slightly differently from the final version.

In addition to this, the beta of iOS 15.1 also reveals support for the ProRes format on the iPhone 13 Pro. This format allows you to record movies in 4K at 30 fps or in FullHD at 30 and 60 fpscapturing a significantly higher amount of detail compared to the now traditional HEVC. It should be noted that this format is among the most expensive in terms of memory used, so to make the ProRes usable even on the less performing models, Apple has limited recording to FullHD at 30 fps on all 128GB models.

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In short, the promised functions arrived in a rather short time, we just have to test them in the field to get an idea in first person.