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iPhone 13, more availability for Christmas shopping

iPhone 13, more availability for Christmas shopping

According to analysts, the availability of iPhone 13 should improve as we approach the holiday shopping period: from next month, buy the smartphone Apple it should be easier. This means the certainty of being able to put an iPhone under the Christmas tree, without having to wait too long for deliveries.

iPhone 13, availability on the rise after Christmas

All “smart” devices are always in doubt in the last period. There global silicon shortage and the resulting lack of chips it has affected many sectors. From cars, which can no longer arrive without the on-board computer, to game peripherals. But when the device in question is the new iPhone 13, the need to have a lot of stock around Christmas is evident.

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If at the moment you have to wait weeks and in some places around the world even months for the delivery of an iPhone 13, the situation should improve. DigiTimes reports that the partners of the iPhone supply chain they found an improving situation. The reason relates to the accelerated production of chips inside the new iPhone.

At its latest investor meeting, Apple explained that the global chip crisis would come at a high cost. According to the CEO Tim Cook and the CFO Luca Maestri, the impact on Christmas spending could be as much as $ 6 billion. But as production increases, Apple itself could escape this impact on the economy.

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According to analysts’ statements, Apple has also increased the production of devices in other categories. Like the new MacBooks, what kind of graphics and video editors can’t wait to try. But also products like the new ones AirPodswhich are historically a very popular Christmas giftperhaps because in a more attractive price range for gifts under the holidays.

Either way, it looks like we won’t have to worry about this winter shopping session. But don’t hope you can buy an iPhone on Christmas Eve to have it delivered on Christmas morning. Apple Stores are not Santa’s toy factory, it is always advisable to book everything well in advance.