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“IPhone 13 effect”: +55.3% more Apple products in Italy

“IPhone 13 effect”: +55.3% more Apple products in Italy

It is called the “iPhone 13 Effect” and in Italy, since last September 14, according to the latest data analyzed by idealo – the leading international price comparison portal in Europe – it “induced” Italian consumers to implement 55.3% of the purchase of Apple-branded online products.

The online interest in the entire range of made in Cupertino products has, in fact, increased immediately after the presentation for peak 10 days after launch, with a percentage of online searches almost doubling on September 24, when the new iPhone 13 hit stores.

The three most searched Apple models after the presentation of the September 14 (with the relative growth in interest) and the “bubble” of the “iPhone 13 effect” were the following: Apple iPhone 12 (+ 41.5%), Apple iPhone 12 mini (+ 32.6%) and Apple iPhone 11 (+ 46.1%).

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The “iPhone 13 effect” was instead immediate compared to the Android alternatives: the day after the presentation of the iPhone 13, in fact, online searches for iOS products have registered a boom going to be equivalent to those of Android products, usually most searched online. If we consider the top ten brands with sistema operating Android in the period “September 14> October 4 2021” compared to the previous one (same number of days), there was a reduction of -10.6% in terms of purchase intentions.

Android vs iOS
If in general Android smartphones are the most searched for online, 2021 is seeing an important recovery by iOS products. The online searches for iOS smartphones on the Italian idealo portal, in fact, show an increase of + 27.5% against the + 3.4% of those relating to Android products. The peak of interest in Apple smartphones was recorded in particular on the occasion of last Black Friday and in December 2020 when online searches for Android products were only slightly higher – by + 24.6% and + 30.4% respectively, against an average of over + 71.1%.

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The comparison of prices and the purchase of the smartphone in the “favorable” month, ie with the best offers, in the last year has allowed us to save more on iOS products. Faced with a practically identical increase in the prices of smartphones in the last twelve months for both Android and iOS smartphones – about + 14% – the maximum average savings on Apple mobile phones was 18.6% compared to 10, 8% savings on Android phones.

At the demographic level iOS remains the preferred choice online by young people under 34 and by women whileat a territorial level, the regions most interested in iOS smartphones are Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and those most interested in Android smartphones are Campania, Umbria and Lazio.