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iPhone 13 could have three new exclusive colors

iPhone 13 could have three new exclusive colors

At the September 14 event, Apple is expected to announce its new smartphone. The wait is almost over. But before the launch of iPhone 13 news still emerge, in particular the arrival of three new colors: pink, black and bronze. A news that seems confirmed by the leak of an online store in Ukraine.

iPhone 13 will have three new colors: pink, black and bronze

The KTC website has published some information about the colors of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. According to the site, they should return the blue, white and red, with the addition of pink, black and bronze. Of the latter three, the only one we hadn’t heard of yet is pink, which should replace the green one seen in the previous generation.

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Pro models also appeared on the site, which rushed the times too much. These two more powerful versions of the Apple smartphone arrive with a shell that recalls Olympic metals: gold, silver and bronzewith the addition of the black, classic of elegance. Bronze and black would be two novelties, which would replace the graphite color and the Pacific Blue color of the 12 Pros.

In addition to the colors, the site confirms that the iPhone 13 and mini will come with 64 or 128GB of memory. The 256GB version is missing, which however should arrive. Pro models should be available in 128, 256 and 512GB of memorywith the Pro Max that could also come in version from 1TBnot present in the Ukrainian store.

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These news seem to confirm that Apple continues to reserve i brighter and more youthful colors in cheaper iPhone modelsleaving instead the black and the colors of the metals for the Pro versions. Soon, however, we will be able to check if all this information is true: the launch of the iPhone 13 should arrive on September 14 with the next Apple Keynote.