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iOS and Android players will be together in Minecraft


iOS and Android players will be together in Minecraft

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and owned by Microsoft for Android, iOS and Windows 10, will allow in its latest update that players can share the world they move in regardless of the platform they are on. With version 0.12.11 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition This very interesting possibility arrives that will allow us to have fun in this great video game with our friends, regardless of the software and hardware preferences that each one has, even allowing compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile.

It is simply necessary to enter one of the new worlds or any of the existing ones, everyone can participate either Android or iOS, that is, they must meet on the same network, to give rise to the option to play on a local network, the rest who want to join will click on the “play” option and will be able to participate.

The problem is perhaps that when whoever creates the world where the others are added in the local network, the game ends for all the players. On the other hand, they can participate in the same game up to five players at the same time. In Windows 10 it works a little differently, since you have to activate the “Multiplayer Local Server” function to be able to participate in this game mode.

It would certainly be quite amusing play with your friends at home Minecraft: Pocket Edition where your friends can use the device they have, be it any Windows 10 device like a Surface, an iOS device like the new iPad Pro and of course any of the many compatible devices whose operating system is Android. So don’t hesitate to update Minecraft: Pocket Edition to be able to enjoy this feature with your friends that could clearly bring you many hours of fun. And if you still don’t have this fantastic video game, maybe it’s an opportunity to get hold of it.