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iOS 15.2 arrives in beta: here are the news

iOS 15.2 arrives in beta: here are the news

The iOS 15.1 update has just arrived, but Apple already thinks about the future. In fact it comes in beta iOS 15.2, which brings some interesting news, especially from the point of view of privacy and security. Although it is not a revolutionary update, Apple is testing some interesting features: here are all the news coming.

Apple launches the beta of iOS 15.2

The first functional update that arrives concerns the privacy, something Apple talked a lot about at this year’s WWDC conference. The protection of the data of those who buy an iPhone is becoming increasingly important for Apple, which has also placed the issue at the center of its marketing campaigns.

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iOS 15.2 brings the feature to beta for the first time Privacy Report app. This is a feature designed to evaluate how often applications have access to your information. Location, camera, photos, microphone and contacts. All in the space of a week. It also shows how many times applications have contacted other domainsso that you can evaluate what they do when they work behind the scenes.

You can view this information by going to the app Settings. From there you have to go to the section Privacy and choose Privacy Report app. From there you can activate monitoring and check the results (when there are enough).

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Another cool feature that is being improved is emergency calls. With this beta you can alert the emergency servicesa by quickly pressing the side button, or by pressing it while clicking the volume down button. After eight secondsthe call will start.

Also comes a new one tabbed style for summary of notificationswhich makes it easier to read them on the fly.

Finally, comes the functionality Communication Safety. Within the messaging app, it alerts parents when sexually explicit images arrive or are sent from a child’s smartphone or iPad, using machine learning to evaluate the image.

These features arrive in beta today and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted.