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iOS 15.1 arrives on iPhone: here are the news

iOS 15.1 arrives on iPhone: here are the news

Apple announces the availability of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1which you can download on your own iPhone And iPad to test what’s new. There are many on the way, such as the new features of SharePlay (announced with iOS 15 but not implemented immediately). Support also arrives official of the Green Pass in the Apple Wallet, even if not yet in Italy (although you can add it unofficially).

iOS 15.1: all the news coming to the iPhone

By downloading the update you can take advantage SharePlaywhich Apple itself defines as a new way to share synchronized experiences in FaceTime with contents fromApple TV app, Apple Music and other supported apps of the App Store. Basically you can watch your favorite series with your friends at the same time, with shared controls (for example, pausing to comment on Ted Lasso’s mustache). You can do the same with Apple Music to share a playlist even from a distance.

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Also comes support for the recording in ProRes on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Also, as mentioned, you can officially add the vaccination cards for Covid-19 on Apple Wallet (soon official support for the Italian Green Pass). There are also news for Apple HomeKitnew shortcuts for overlaying text over GIFs and images, and the ability to translate from Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese.

Finally, many bug fix. The official changelog reads:

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The download is quite substantial: 1.35 GB. To update just go to Settingschoose General and then Software update. Touch Automatic updates and therefore Download updates iOS. At this point you just have to download and enjoy the new update.