iOS 10 beta 4 allows us to delete text faster thanks to 3D Touch

As expected, when we talk about all the new features included in iOS 10 beta 4, we talked about everyone who knew each other at that time. It will always appear that we do not know and this is what happened with a novelty that we had not talked about: the ability to delete text faster. Although this possibility is only available from the iPhone 6s and, perhaps, on an iPad Pro if they activate the option to use it with the Apple Pencil.

I don't even remember which version of iOS, when we started deleting text by pressing the delete key, it would start deleting a few letters until it started deleting longer chunks. This could be a problem, because we might remove more than we wanted. In the latest versions of iOS, when you start deleting more text, it deletes entire words, which can be too slow. The solution arrived in the fourth beta of iOS 10 thanks to the 3DTouch.

New in iOS 10 beta 4: we can delete text faster

How does this new feature work? Well, it's very simple: if we do a normal press, the deletion will be like in the latest versions; If you press harder, it will erase faster. But the best thing is that these are not the famous Peek & Pop gestures, which only offer two additional options, but erase speed will increase depending on pressure which we apply to the delete key.

The fourth beta of iOS 10 has arrived with some interesting news, such as the over 100 new emoji, faster animations or full-screen notifications, but this new option to delete text has also arrived that took us a little longer to discover. If you have installed the latest iOS 10 beta and find any interesting news, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Apple releases fourth beta of iOS 9.3.3, tvOS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.11.6

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