Internet Explorer's market share is less than 60%

Like every beginning of the month, the people at NetApplications have just published their statistics on the interest in the world of Web browsers in relation to market shares.

On this occasion, the most interesting fact revealed by the study is that for the first time in a long time (I don't know exactly how far back we have to go, Netscape?), Internet Explorer's market share has fallen below 60%although everything must be said, especially with 59.95%, it remained.

On the other hand, we have that Firefox and Safari increased compared to last month, but only 0.07%, Opera lost 0.07% and finally it is Google Chrome or the big winner: its market share increased by 10% in one month.

I draw two conclusions. On the one hand, what seemed impossible a few years ago, that someone managed to stand up to Internet Explorer, is happening and not only that, it may be that in less time than we thought, we let's see how some of the competitors match or even surpass it. For the other that Google Chrome's growth rate is starting to get scary, has been counted among us for four days and already holds 6.73% market share. I end with the rigorous question: What web browser are you using?

Via: Bitelia

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