Internet *********** brings social benefits

Although it seems unbelievable, Psychology today states that, contrary to general perception, Internet consumption *********** brings social benefits. For a long time, it was accused of promoting sexual irresponsibility, divorce, assault and rape. With the growth of the Internet Starting in the late 1990s, access to the *********** Internet also became much easier. However, recent research shows that harmful behaviors, far from increasing, have decreased.

For example, since 1990, the rate of abortions in the United States it fell by 41%; THE syphilis decreased by 74%; and the gonorrhea fell 57%. Him too teenager *** it is decreasing, since since 1991, the number of young people having sexual relations has decreased by 7%; while the condom use increased by 16% and the rate of unwanted pregnancies decreased by 33%. THE divorce this is another social aspect which fell by 23%; while since 1995, the offenses fell 44%.

How to explain this trend? Michel Castman answers:

Why these social ills have diminished as *********** becomes more available. Nobody knows. But the only thing **** really causes is masturbation. Internet **** keeps men at home. As a result, they are not in the world acting irresponsibly or criminally.

Obviously this is not a complete apology for ***********. While the numbers show there is no direct correlation to these harmful social behaviors attributed to him, that doesn't mean all is well:

I'm not saying that **** is absolutely harmless. Some men use it so compulsively that it interferes with their lives. They need therapy. Some women are confused when they discover that the man in their life loves ****. require couples therapy. And to the extent that **** is an educator***, he teaches the love of everything false.

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However, as the article points out, the data shows that, from a social perspective, **** does not cause any obvious damage. In fact, it has reduced rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, teenage ***, unwanted pregnancies, divorce and rape. as indicated caste manIf the Internet *********** affects society, strange as it may seem, it does so in a beneficial way.

Of course, nothing excessive: