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Instagram “pauses” the children’s app

Instagram “pauses” the children’s app

The CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that the company is “pausing” development of Instagram Kids, the app for children under 13. The company will continue to work on parent-supervised social experiences for children. But for the moment, the company wants to silence the criticism: “It is clear that we need more time for this”.

Instagram pauses development of the Instagram Kids app for children

In a blog post, he explained the decision to suspend the app by saying that the time is not ripe, especially because the news leaked to the press too early. Which according to the head of Instagram led to misrepresent the company’s goals. “It was never meant for children but for ‘tweens’ aged 10 to 12“Says the CEO. And in a tweet he explains that the news “leaked before we knew what it really was. People feared Freggio and we had few answers at the time. It is clear that we need to take more time for this ”.

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The choice to launch this application has received a lot of criticism. Starting with groups for digital rights and for the protection of minors. As he explains for example Kathryn Montgomery of Center for Digital Democracy on BBC News, the company’s goals seem dubious, to put it mildly. “The company’s real goal is to expand its lucrative Instagram franchise to an even younger demographic. Introducing children to the intensely commercialized environment of social mediawhich creates a great threat to our privacy, our health and well-being ”.

Instagram in recent days had come under fire for the articles published by the Wall Street Journal on the parent company Facebook. Notably, a study commissioned by Facebook had highlighted the negative impact on the psyche of adolescents. Facebook had announced that it had not published the results because they were not conclusive. But many have read a cynical approach to children’s health.

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The criticism was too much for Instagram to continue with the app for under 13s. But the fact that the company says it has only been paused implies that sooner or later we will be able to review this app in development.

The story is still evolving, we will keep you posted.