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Instagram launches the ‘Add Yours’ sticker: what is it?

Instagram launches the ‘Add Yours’ sticker: what is it?

Instagram announces the arrival of the sticker Add Yours‘, a new function for Stories which allows you to replicate by adding your own content. One way to participate in the new trend and respond to the person you are following, from friends to influencers.

How the ‘Add Yours’ sticker works in Instagram Stories

Stories are not just a showcase for influencers but a sharing tool. A well done Stories invites you to contribute, to relaunch, to respond in some way to what you see. For example, if a user posts a Stories with “the outfit of the day”, he might implicitly invite you to share yours.

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From today, the invitation it is no longer implied. In fact, anyone who posts a story can use the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, which other users can click for add your own Stories. In this way, those who follow will be able to see not only the influencer’s daily clothing but also that of friends and other followers. And add your own, creating a unique place to find all this content.

“With personalized invitations and public responses, you can share the sticker and see who responds with their Stories”Tweeted Instagram.

How does the sticker work?

You can use the new function simply:

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To reply to the ‘Add Yours’ of others, just click on the sticker. A popup will show all the Stories already registered (click on them to watch them). Below selected Add Yours e record your storywhich you can edit as usual.

This new feature is designed above all to let fans interact with influencers or friends and friends among themselves. But it can also be a good way to discover new ones people who share interests with you, to follow. In short, a new way to experience Instagram, together with your community.