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Instagram is about to launch paid subscriptions

Instagram is about to launch paid subscriptions

Instagram would be ready to throw a paid subscription for creators and influencers. This would allow creators to monetize by giving exclusive content to their followers in exchange.

Instagram ready to launch a paid membership for creators

Sensor Tower and Apptopia monitor application stores to assess app performance. But sometimes they also notice changes in app descriptions or screenshots on the App Store or Google Play. This is how they first noticed the arrival of Twitter Blue and recently they also noticed the arrival of a paid option on Instagram.

On November 1 on the App Store Instagram introduced a abbofrom € 4.99, while on November 3 an option from 0.99 euros. Before these subscriptions, the only options you had to pay for were Instagram Badges. But it seems that this new option may give space to creators to monetizeAnd.

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While there is no official news on how to leverage these subscriptions, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri had previously talked about monetization possibilities for app users. Starting from the direct sale of products, from the division of advertising proceeds. And then with “paid products, including direct payments such as tips or badges, as well as”content behind a paywall or subscriptions‘”.

Information had recently leaked about “Exclusive stories“, Which could not be seen by non-subscribers and which could not be taken a screenshot. These may appear as Highlights once you subscribe.

The function, therefore, rather than making “Instagram for a fee” offers the possibility of giving a contribution to your favorite creators in exchange for a subscription for exclusive content At the moment we don’t know when the app will arrive and what the rules will be, but the arrival of the note on payments in the App Store means that the announcement should not be far away. We will keep you posted.