Instagram exceeds 600 million monthly active users

The social network of photos Instagram, has for some time become the favorite of many users and as proof we have the strong increase that the platform has experienced in recent years, while its rivals, such as Twitter, It continues to maintain the same number of active users for several years. Instagram just announced that it already has over 600 million monthly active users, 100 million more than six months ago when they announced with great fanfare that they already had 500 million users .

The social network Instagram managed to double the number of users in 2 years, when the company had 300 million active users, showing the fastest growth in its history. Instagram took a long time to reach 100 million users, doing so in February 2013, three years after the service launched. A year and a month later, it reached 200 million users. Nine months later, it reached 300 million users. In September last year it already reached 400 million, 8 months later 500 million, and now six months later it has just reached 600 million, the highest growth of the company in a short time.

Instagram did not want to stagnate and in recent months it has launched a series of new features that have surely helped this network a lot to achieve this growth in such a short time. Being a Facebook business, the copy-paste machinery was also launched on Instagramadding many of Snapchat's main features in addition to live video playback from Periscope (Twitter).

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