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Instagram beta, access the news before anyone else

Instagram beta, access the news before anyone else

Instagram has not stopped growing since it was created and more since it was bought by Zuckerberg’s company, Facebook. As was done with the messenger app, Now we can test the beta of Instagram and thus help it improve as best as possible.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, it has not stopped growing, quickly surpassing its main opponents such as Flickr, becoming one of the most important social networks in the photographic scene. With Instagram, anyone can see the photos, personal and professional, of celebrities and the most important companies without any problem. Something that denotes how well positioned Instagram is and how bright the future lies ahead.

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Instagram Beta: Beta with news and some instability

Through a tweet, the official Instagram account has announced the possibility of downloading its app in beta state and with a few very simple steps:

Android Instagrammers, want to try the app before it’s released and give us feedback to improve? Learn more here: http://t.co/bCYmuc6qC5

– Instagram (@instagram) January 20, 2015


  1. Enter and register in the beta tester group on Google+, clicking on Join the group
  2. They indicate instructions that, in short, ask you to go to this link and thus register as a tester.
  3. Reinstall the app from the Play Store, this time the beta of it will be installed.
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We advise that being a beta, it is normal to have some instability problems but, in exchange, we will be able to access the latest news of Instagram before anyone else.

With this movement, Instagram wants users to find bugs and quickly report them in order to debug them for the final version. If you want to improve the application and you don’t mind spending a few minutes, this is your best option to do so, as well as being able to access the latest news before anyone else.

Attention: You will see a persistent notification on the device if you install the beta. Pay no attention to it and continue with the normal use and testing of the app

Instagram on Google Play

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