Instagram adds new features to its app

Instagram has just announced an update that includes the implementation of new tools intended to increase the online security of its platform. However, in addition to security improvements, new features in the new version of the app also introduce new ways to interact with fans.

Among the new features, users can find one that allows you to disable comments on desired entries. This is something that Instagram, until now, only allowed to a very small percentage of users, but from now on this possibility will be available to everyone as soon as this update is released . You can disable comments on a post by clicking on “Advanced settings” then “Don’t allow comments”. While the ability to turn off comments is a great safety feature for those who want to avoid negative or controversial comments on their photos (users with thousands of followers, for example), the update also introduces a new icon in heart shape next to each comment. , which will allow you to like the comments themselves on each photo. Instagram says it hopes the feature will encourage the community toward “shared positivity.”

Additionally, Instagram will also introduce the ability to delete followers on private accounts. Some people on Instagram want to keep their accounts private, meaning they approve every follower. This is an important way to get people to feel comfortable sharing your content with close friends and family. In the past, once a follower was approved, there was no way to reverse that decision without resorting to blocking. With this update, if your account is set to private, you will be able to remove members from your follower list by tapping the menu next to the person's name. The deleted subscriber will not be notified of the action.

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Finally, a new option to say the least… curious. This is a system for anonymously reporting a user who we believe is considering the option of suicide or self-harm. According to Instagram: “We have teams working 24/7 around the world to review these types of reports. We will try to collaborate by putting the reported user in contact with associations that can offer help.

The update is rolling out to users of the latest version of Instagram. The deployment is gradual.

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