Initiative to leave Facebook on May 31

Facebook's privacy problems, far from diminishing, are increasing. An initiative was organized to massively stop using Facebook on May 31. On the site created for this initiative you can see where you disagree with the current policy of the social network, which is essentially that there are fair decisions and good intentions. For the moment more than 4000 people have joineda figure that is far from the more than 400 million users it currently has.

Perhaps the number of people joining this initiative will increase somewhat after seeing a leaked conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and a fellow academic.

Zuck: So if you ever need information on anyone at Harvard, ask me.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, photos, addresses

“Friend”: How did you get them?

Zuck: They gave them to me.

Zuck: Don't ask me why.

Zuck: They “trust” me.

Zuck: Idiots.

There has been no confirmation if this is a real conversation or not, but on Facebook they refused to make any sort of statement about this alleged conversation. If this were a real conversation, it would be very worrying because of how the capo can treat users of his social network and his data. But in the event that it was not, that does not take away from the concern that there is currently about the confidentiality of the social network.

Several organizations have demanded that Facebook improve user privacy, emphasizing that the default account setting should be improved and that users have greater control when choosing what happens with their data. These are some of the demands of a protection group dependent on the European Union, which even suggests using pseudonyms instead of using real names.

Facebook Messenger jumps on the bandwagon and becomes available from the iOS 10 Phone app

Maybe next May 31 there won't be many users unsubscribing from Facebook, right now it will be a minority, but this number can increase if they don't change the way they do things. Very interesting alternatives are emerging and although at present it is difficult to think that a large part of the 400 million users of the social network will leave, these policies can tire people and although they cannot not force them to unsubscribe, they could reduce their activity within the social network and take care of much more than the types of data that are uploaded there.