Infinity Ward is looking for developers for the next Call of Duty

The company Infinite Ward looking for developers for the next Call of Duty which will be released in 2016.

Infinity Ward posted a job offer on the Activision portal

The method to find the developers of this new episode of Call of Duty is through youA job offer published on the Activision portal. In the offer you can see the minimum requirements to choose for this attractive position in the California offices, such as three years of experience in video games and specialized in gameplays. The objective of the position is to collaborate with designers to create new weapons, soldier equipment, unique abilities and playable mechanics. Someone who encourages weapon animation from a first-person perspective.

The Call of Duty saga, one of the most famous of recent times in shooting games, has three different companies for the development of its games. Infinity Ward was in charge of Call of Duty Ghost, released in late 2013. This next episode is planned for 2016, with about three years to complete it, as usual. We hope that the lucky ones will take the opportunity to participate in a project of this magnitude.

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