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In-store shopping in Italy starts again

In-store shopping in Italy starts again

Three out of four Italians will do it Christmas shopping in the storeaccording to research commissioned in Italy by Sensormatic Solutionssociety of Johnson Controls. But in addition to the data from the interviews on the intentions of the buyers, also the data of Sensormatic IQthe analysis of the company’s retail traffic.

For Christmas, shopping in Italy is back in the store, according to Sensormatic Solutions

The research conducted by Sensormatic speaks quite clearly. The 74% of Italians will make purchases in physical stores for Christmas, even if only 16% will wait until the last moment to buy gifts. Promotions and discounts remain one of the main reasons that attract Italians to the store. Black Friday and the following Saturday represent two of the five busiest days for in-store purchases. Research confirms that price represents the main discriminant for 60% of consumers who persuade them to enter the store.

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According to data from Sensormatic IQ, Epiphany usually represents the traditional peak of turnout. However, knowing the problems for supply chains this year many buyers will shop well sooner of the arrival of the balances.

Bjoern Petersen, president of Sensormatic Solutions, explains: “While COVID-19 is still making headlines, the retail world is heading towards the highlight of the year. But the availability of vaccines and the health and safety measures put in place by retailers have changed the situation and today many consumers feel more comfortable making in-store purchases than in the 2020 Christmas shopping season ”.

Sensormatic Solutions and IQ allow you to manage turnout intelligently, ensuring the safety of customers. Petersen continues: “In this busy time, retailers can rely on innovative technology to secure supplies, predict and prevent losses, and keep customers safe by monitoring occupancy levels and resulting social distancing. Using the insights provided by connected solutions, retailers can also make sure they reach the consumer with the right item at the right time, throughout the season. “

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You can learn more about the busiest days and how to manage them at this address.