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In March comes the survival on VR with ARK Park

In March comes the survival on VR with ARK Park

A new one is coming multi-player and he is not one like all the others. Is called ARK Park and is in VR, compatible with HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift, to interact with the fantastic creatures we have already encountered in survival ARK: Survival Evolved, from March 22 next.

In this way we will have to deal directly with gods real dinosaurs, placed in beautiful theme parks, all available in two versions, standard and deluxe, the latter with extra outfits and exclusive dinosaurs! We will cross the territory without any restrictions, but we won’t even have a story to follow; it’s us i real protagonists of the game!

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Tianqi Wu, Vice President of Snail Games, said: “ARK Park brings the world of ARK: Survival Evolved into one new direction of the hunting game, combining virtual reality with classic game mechanics. We can’t be more excited and satisfied with the team’s hard work on this title. “

We will be able to enjoy gods beautiful tours of this world even in the company of our friends or alone, in a very quiet or adrenaline-fueled way, at a time of tropical forests. snow-capped mountains and immense plains. Finally we will also be able to collect the Gene Cubes from the numerous extinct creatures, but it won’t be easy …

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Launch in rest, then, at a time of the dinosaurs!