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In Italy piracy of matches and sporting events is growing


In Italy piracy of matches and sporting events is growing

Recently the Federation for the protection of audiovisual and multimedia content (FAVAP) shared updated data on the phenomenon of piracy in Italy, especially with regard to the sporting events sector. In fact, it was above all the piracy of matches and sporting events, which would have grown by 14% over the previous year. A fact that greatly worries the audiovisual industry, especially as regards Dazn. But let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Piracy: the phenomenon in the sector of sporting events is growing in Italy

According to the data reported by FAVAP, in the last 12 months the number of users who have used illicit IPTV at least once has increased, reaching the quota of 11 million people. Of these, 2 million said they were in possession of an illegal subscription. “This is a real cybercrime. There is a clear criminal mentality behind all of this. The subjects that feed the market immediately understood that with this type of phenomenon they could have obtained enormous revenues “. So she commented on the data Federico Bagnoligeneral secretary of FAVAP.

But to really surprise you will be another fact. In fact, only 37% of users know they are committing a crime. And this only exacerbates the problems that the spread of piracy causes to platforms such as Daznthat has invested a good 480 million euros in the field of sporting events. Not surprisingly, just a few weeks ago the platform announced its intention to cancel the possibility of using two different users with a single subscription. A decision announced but never really materialized. In any case, to worry FAVAP is above all the piracy concerning pay TV.

“It is the form that worries most of all”, commented Bagnoli. “Italy has many tools at its disposal to combat the phenomenon and many countries continue to emulate us. According to the Agcom regulation we can close a site in three days through a precautionary measure for example “. But the problem is not just how much sporting events companies actually lose, but also how many jobs are put at risk. In fact, 6000 workers have lost their jobs. In short, a situation that is worsening, and which immediately requires government intervention.