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In India it is possible to book Uber rides via WhatsApp

In India it is possible to book Uber rides via WhatsApp

Good news for users Uber in India. The US company, in fact, has announced that it will soon launch a new function that will allow users to book rides through the WhatsApp messaging service. An absolutely strategic move. This, in fact, could help the platform tap into the base of over 500 million WhatsApp users owned by Meta Platforms in India.

Uber: in India it will be possible to book rides via WhatsApp

“Starting this week, we are launching a new service that offers people the ability to book a trip with Uber through an official Uber WhatsApp chatbot,” the company announced in the last few hours. On the other hand, in India Uber has now been active for 8 years, with a service offered in 70 different cities. It is therefore not surprising that the platform is trying to optimize its proposal to the maximum. “Users will no longer have to download or use the Uber App. Everything, from registering the user to booking a ride and obtaining a travel receipt, will be managed in the WhatsApp chat interface “.

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This means that Indian users will have the option to book a ride via messages to Uber’s business account, or by scanning a code. Or again by clicking on a link that will allow you to open a chat directly on the WhatsApp App. In this case, users will have the same insurance protections as those who book using Uber’s platform. Indeed, through the chat users will be able to receive information on the safety guidelines of the service, including how to contact Uber in an emergency. For the moment, the feature will be launched in Lucknow, the capital of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, and then expanded to other locations within the next year. For now only Uber India will offer this option, but who knows if we might see it in Italy too sooner or later.